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My Diagnosis I’m waiting on…

So Since November, I’ve been extremely fatigued and bloated I’ve gained over three and a half stone within 2 months.

I started to worry when my period was 2 weeks late I got 1 day of spotting and then I lost my voice and couldn’t speak due to pain. My voice has returned but my throat hurts all the time. I cant work a busy 8-hour shift without feeling faint and sick.

It’s now August 2021 and I have gone through several scans and blood tests, I’m 25 years old living in a small town during a pandemic, It’s extremely difficult at the moment to seeing doctors face to face. but finally, 5 months later got to see someone who told me I have a 2cm functional cyst on my right ovary and a collapsed corpus Letum.

Before my ultrasound My symptoms made me believe I was possibly pregnant but I’ve had several home tests and a blood test, that has shown negative. I also had mild dull pelvic discomfort with spotting between periods.

My doctor first thought I was going through a phantom pregnancy (false pregnancy) that gives you all the symptoms and signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant. This is usually a phycological problem caused by broodiness or a desperate need to be pregnant or have a baby.

I definitely had no plans for having a baby so that felt very unbelievable to me. I also got my thyroid tested as it runs on both sides of my family, the test showed I had a high TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) which can indicate borderline hypothyroidism.

My doctor gave me another thyroid test three months later to see if my blood levels had decreased which they had, this can be a good sign but needs to be observed over time to see if it fluctuates. Tsh fluctuations can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance or an autoimmune disease.

My next blood test will be in November and my next ultrasound will be this month sometime. I’ve not seemed to gain any more weight but am struggling to lose the weight I have I’m fairly active and have a healthy balanced diet.

my gynecologist checked me to see If I had endometriosis but claims it’s unlikely I have it If I don’t have Dysmornerrhoea. I will hopefully find out and be treated fingers crossed. I’m not in a lot of pain at the moment but I’m having crying spells and feeling sick.

I’ve tried limiting food and cutting out gluten but so far it’s not really improved my energy levels or reduced pain. I will be writing a second part when I find out more till then thanks for reading. If you have been through something similar please leave a comment id like to know more.