Reviewing huda beauty Retrograde eyeshadow pallete

hi i’m just gonna put some makeup on and I’ll be back in a minute so i’ll see you then okay hi so I’m back so today we’re gonna be testing out blood from huda beauty it’s the retrograde Huda beauty palette i’ve never actually used Huda beauty before so this will be my first time using one of their eyeshadow palettes so let’s get into the video there’s a lot of nice shades in this palette so let’s have a look there’s um 18 eyeshadows in this palette and there are nine buttery mattes six high shine creamy metallics and one glitter powder I’m not a professional with makeup but I like trying out makeup and seeing what I can do with eyeshadow looks so let’s have a look-see so I’m going to put on the color off balance I’m going to put that the color off-balance yeah all over my lid and into my crease as well

it’s really pigmented it’s really nice it’s a really pretty color well a hot mess

yeah I should watch more makeup tutorials if I want to start messing around with makeup yeah so this cost me 58 pounds on um feel unique um website I could have got it for cheaper but I missed out on the offer by a day so I ended up getting a free gift instead from vichy um some sort of moisturizer I haven’t used it yet I might test it out on another video

alright so i might go in to this purple here and put this on on the mallet

I don’t think I have a lot of them style a sense of style and art I’m not

really artistic or I can’t I haven’t got a really good sense of style so if my makeup looks stupid just tell me I’m sorry yeah yeah

I might blend that out, to be honest, yeah i might blend in the color crush this color

purple .. I’m going with a purple

and then just pat this on on my eyelid

it looked really pretty I don’t think on the camera it looks as good I mean I’m not I haven’t got a blue beauty light on or anything like that so I’s just on natural night natural lighting

okay so I might go in with the color um hot mess again and go put that underneath my eyes

okay so i’m going to put black liquid eyeliner on my eyes

it’s from the balm um I’ve been using this eyeliner for about five years it’s my favorite eyeliner I’ve tried kat von d and other eyeliners but they don’t seem to do the job as well as this eyeliner

hopefully i’m going to go in with the volume million lashes by l’oreal i think that is

I usually use this as a kid as well as I used to use it at school so

so my overall review on this is that it is a really pretty palette I think 58 pound was a lot of money, but you are you do get some really lovely shades in this palette I get a lot of varieties purple shades and blue shades really stunning palette and it’s got a mirror in it as well

I will see you in my next video hopefully I don’t quit see you later!