Black fishing ! Jessy nelson?


What is black fishing ?

Blackfishing is a form of cultural appropriation, whereby the person pretends to be black or mixed race. The term is derived from the colloquialism “catfishing”, when someone is lured into a relationship by means of a fictional or enhanced online personality

Jessy nelson and other celebrities..

Jessy nelson has recently been called out on TikTok for the way she has presented herself in the new music video bad boy.

Jessy nelson was member of the singing group little mix, but has now left to go solo.

Her new music video featuring Niki minaj shows Jessy in hair brades with a very dark complexion.The video also has a group of black dancers in the shot Where she sings the lyrics “I like a bad bad boy”.

While black fishing is wrong I don’t think having a tan is really that offensive, but I can also see why people are calling her out. She’s always been a tanned Essex girl and it is considered normal in that area of the country.

I think people need to realize that this is how the woman acts and dresses. I don’t think she mocking black people, but. you could argue that many black talented artist don’t get the credit they deserve.

Most fans admitted to thinking she was mixed race and was shocked. There are many celebrities who look mixed race but are 100% white.

Many other celebrities have been accused of black fishing such as Kim Kardashian. I think we all need to learn about different cultures but could also embrace our own.

What are your thoughts? I understand both arguments.

The things you hear when you wear makeup


Maggie is back with another post related to makeup problems! Today she’s gonna discuss all the things she’s heard while wearing makeup, and wonders if you’ve heard them too! You don’t need it That’s absolutely right, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to use makeup anymore. And besides, you just want to camouflage that […]

The things you hear when you wear makeup

Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk


Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk Decision Making is NOT fast and slow as Kahneman proposes, indeed such a construct is unhelpful. It’s a shame that Kahneman’s work is so popular in the risk and safety industry because this binary construct is misleading about why and how humans do what they do. Most binary constructs like […]

Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk

My Sleep Apnea Skincare Routine

For people with sleeping issuse like sleep apnea you might find it difficult to have a effective skincare routine because you sleep through the day. I have sleep apnea my self and struggle with hormornal dehydrated skin.

I can go to sleep at 11pm and not wake up till 2pm the next day so adding sunscreen to my routine doesn’t feel worth the effort. although… the evidence shows you should definitely add sunscreen to your face after moisturizer no matter what, you shouldn’t skip!.

You loose the most amount of water from your skin when you are sleeping (eperdermal water loss) so over sleeping can cause dry/dehydrated skin.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to sleep its suggested to have 8 glasses of water per day. also to cut down of caffine and refined sugar switch to alternatives like matcha or chai tea.

wake yourself up with a cool shower as soon as you wake up then moisturise get dressed brush you teeth est

I keep my routine as basic as possible Ive tried adding vitamin C and retinol but they seem to make my skin dry and irrated.


I suggest either cerave hydrating cleanser or the la roche posey milky cleanser.


First aid beauty oat soothing toner


Neautrogena hydro gel moisturizer


Gurru 50 + Spf … only suncreen I own

Night time skincare routine

Double cleanse

I use squarline cleanser by the ordinary or ultra balm by lush

second cleanser

I use CeaVe Hydrating Cleanser

toner chemical Exfoliator

like the ordinary or Pixi glow tonic

Serum for my dehydrated skin

Hylaranic acid or Aloe vera


I go for vasaline or CeraVe Cream Moisturizer and add a Honey face mask