6 Best skincare products for Dehydrated combination skin

6. The Ordinary glycolic acid I’ve been using this for a year now at least once a week! It helps with my blackheads on my chin.

5. CeraVe SA salicylic acid cleanser

A mild exfoliating cleanser I mostly use this during my time of the month. Use once a week. Purchased from ASOS affordable.

4. Holika holika aloe Vera soothing gel

Been using this for a couple of months helps with dry patches and water loss on skin best use at night. Purchased from beauty bay.

3. CeraVe hydrating cleanser

Helps rebuild skin barrier great for daily use morning or night purchased from asos affordable.

2 . The ordinary hydraulic serum

great for an extra boost of hydration best used at night. Can be used everyday.

  1. Ultrabland balm cleanser

Double cleasing is important to remove oil and dirt before your second cleanser. This is the best balm I’ve used. It doesn’t clog pores has bees wax a great natural moisturizer and anti bacterial. Bought from the lush store.