Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk


Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk Decision Making is NOT fast and slow as Kahneman proposes, indeed such a construct is unhelpful. It’s a shame that Kahneman’s work is so popular in the risk and safety industry because this binary construct is misleading about why and how humans do what they do. Most binary constructs like […]

Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk

Gender Fluid Confusion as a young Teen


I’ve always been a tom boy. but never thought about my gender overall, but I had some issues and felt i had to change who I was to please the people around me,

From age 6 I was aware of the stereotypical gender rolls I understood the differences between a girl and a boy. But I was very unhappy with being a girl pink was forced on me, I enjoyed getting dirty and playing with swords. I hated wearing dresses and skirts but Im lucky my mum never pushed me to wear clothes I didn’t want to wear.

When I learnt Id start having a period and Id start growing breasts Id have panic attacks family members would comment on my Growing figure and I would gag. I was a skater, Id look and act like a boy I would cover my long blonde hair and wear baggy shirts to cover my chest.

I knew I was into boys very early in life and my tom boy appearance did not help with getting a boyfriend I was a show off I was good at gymnastics Id hope this would Impress the lads but just made them annoyed. My friends always told me that I wasn’t ugly I just needed to wear makeup so that boys would like me. I would borrow my mum’s foundation, she is 4 shades darker than me and I would wear bold black eyeliner on my bottom of my lash line I just looked like a Cheeto.

I fell In love with a boy who told me I was not feminine enough for him that was so upsetting for me to feel like If I wanted a boy to like me I would have to act like a girly girl.

I hate It when men stare at me. I hate wearing a bra. I hate showing my legs and acting cute. Sometimes I wish I could grow a beard and say whatever I want. I am sick of being told that my time is running out that i need to have children and get married.

I don’t like being a grown woman but Being a man doesn’t appeal to me either I just was to be comfortable in my own body I want to be myself. I’m not as stressed out as I was when I was younger I don’t mind wearing a dress to a party.

I don’t really understand non binary and still have identity issues Id like to learn about myself. I started developing body dysmorphia in my late teens I started skin picking, wearing heavy make up and binge eating. But now I have let go of my insecurity’s and have grown to love myself. I always thought I was transgender and would say I want to be a man, I am 25 now and I know I no longer have those feelings.

Weird Mild Autism habits I had as a child


My autism isn’t that bad in my opinion the older I get the more I get used to it I never knew I had autism until just recently.

I have suffered with social anxiety my whole life and never thought my mental health has any connection.

While struggling with depression I was diagnosed with autism but I wasn’t surprised just a little upset.

My family have always seen me as the black sheep. shy, quiet, and a loner…

Thinking back to my child hood there were some questionable habits/oddness that were probably ignored.

Being OCD

I was incredibly stressed and anxious for a 5 year old and while moving to a new house school and town feared me I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t fit in or even communicate with anyone other than my mum and sister.

I think I developed this comfort so that It could distract me from my fear of being social. I’d be obsessively folding clothes brushing my hair flattened my bed sheets so they wouldn’t crease in the night.

Walking on tip toes

This calmed me so much my mum would do yoga with me after school and it really helped me feel safe.

Tapping and counting

This helped me be patient if I could count to ten and repeat

Skinpicking and face touching

Stroking my neck and touching my face while speaking helps me calmly communicate

loving classical music

When ever I’m anxious I just put on some classical music on.

Being fidgety

I can’t stand in one place for long it irrates me so much as long as I tap and stroke my neck

Lying on the floor and closing my eyes

School and maths was fun

I never thought school was boring I loved it. I never knew I was being bullied because I was having so much fun.