Brian Laundrie’s Remains Found Watching the Brain Laundrie hunt from the UK


I cant Believe it! Brian laundries remains have been found in Calton reserve in Florida. After 4 weeks searching, His parents Chris Laundrie and Robretra Laundrie discovered some articles of clothing and a bag containing his items including a note book. The FBI where called to search the reserve to find partial remains. The DNA […]

Brian Laundrie’s Remains Found Watching the Brain Laundrie hunt from the UK

hypothyroidism and cyst on ovarys


So Since November, I’ve been extremely fatigued and bloated I’ve gained over three and a half stone within 2 months. I started to worry when my period was 2 weeks late I got 1 day of spotting and then I lost my voice and couldn’t speak due to pain. My voice has returned but my […]

My Diagnosis I’m waiting on…

Meal Plan 1700 – 2000 calories not restrictive

Mean Plan

Monday calories 1700

Oats bannana powdered peanut butter chia seeds 350

Avacado and toast ???



tuesday 1700



snickers bar 99 calories
Greek yogurt

chicken veg and potateos

wendsday 1600

porched eggs and toast



snickers bar

salmon and veg

thursday 1700





friday 1600
oats and cinnimon

greek yogurt
snickers bar

cinemon bagel

jacket potateo

sat 1900



tuna sandwich

mixed fruit

Half Indian Takeaway

Sun 1900


hummus and carrots

mixed nuts

avocado and toast

left over takeaway

Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk


Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk Decision Making is NOT fast and slow as Kahneman proposes, indeed such a construct is unhelpful. It’s a shame that Kahneman’s work is so popular in the risk and safety industry because this binary construct is misleading about why and how humans do what they do. Most binary constructs like […]

Non-Binary Decision Making in Risk

4 pounds down ! pcos weight loss Journey! 1500 – 1800 calorie day


BREAKFAST 🥞 – 2 gluten free bread with half an avocado and a coffee with skimmed milk.

LUNCHTIME – 2 scrabbled eggs with seasoning, with mushrooms.

DINNER 🍽️ – gluten free tacos with prawns. Added lettace and tomato.


Bowl of strawberries.

Low calorie Iced lolly ( icepop )

Gluten free cheesey corn chips low calorie

Coffee with skimmed milk

Low calorie flapjack