hypothyroidism and cyst on ovarys


So Since November, I’ve been extremely fatigued and bloated I’ve gained over three and a half stone within 2 months. I started to worry when my period was 2 weeks late I got 1 day of spotting and then I lost my voice and couldn’t speak due to pain. My voice has returned but my […]

My Diagnosis I’m waiting on…

Weird Mild Autism habits I had as a child

My autism isn’t that bad in my opinion the older I get the more I get used to it I never knew I had autism until just recently.

I have suffered with social anxiety my whole life and never thought my mental health has any connection.

While struggling with depression I was diagnosed with autism but I wasn’t surprised just a little upset.

My family have always seen me as the black sheep. shy, quiet, and a loner…

Thinking back to my child hood there were some questionable habits/oddness that were probably ignored.

Being OCD

I was incredibly stressed and anxious for a 5 year old and while moving to a new house school and town feared me I couldn’t cope. I couldn’t fit in or even communicate with anyone other than my mum and sister.

I think I developed this comfort so that It could distract me from my fear of being social. I’d be obsessively folding clothes brushing my hair flattened my bed sheets so they wouldn’t crease in the night.

Walking on tip toes

This calmed me so much my mum would do yoga with me after school and it really helped me feel safe.

Tapping and counting

This helped me be patient if I could count to ten and repeat

Skinpicking and face touching

Stroking my neck and touching my face while speaking helps me calmly communicate

loving classical music

When ever I’m anxious I just put on some classical music on.

Being fidgety

I can’t stand in one place for long it irrates me so much as long as I tap and stroke my neck

Lying on the floor and closing my eyes

School and maths was fun

I never thought school was boring I loved it. I never knew I was being bullied because I was having so much fun.

Reason for being anti social

The Deceptive Bliss of Ignorant Leadership • Stop At Nothing

Social Anxiety disorder 

If you get anxious around groups of people that is a very good reason not to be pushed into social interactions. If you suffer from social anxiety disorder I’m assuming you’ve made people angry and upset at your lack of communication and involvement in people’s lives. 

You come across as boring and selfish… but making friends is hard for you you hate first impressions and the awkward small talk you think people judge you and laugh at your weird untrendy personality.

Your a very negative person who wants to please everyone and the best way to do that is to stay out of there way because you think you’re a waste of time. 

Your not very competitive people think your lazy, your very lonely but you don’t fit in you want to be someone everyone loves and enjoys being with but you feel people don’t like you so much, you are very clumsy and slightly nerdy you are your own person your more interesting than you think! 🙂 

Learn to love yourself get to know yourself do what makes you feel comfortable and happy because you are important and your mental health comes first. 

Being on the spectrum! 

Everyone Is on the spectrum, but it affects everyone differently no one is perfect!. Some people are better at masking their emotions and feelings a lot of autistic people find it hard to communicate around people they don’t know or trust. 
I’m mildly autistic and I find it hard to listen to more that one person, I start to panic and get emotional I’m very quiet and don’t like talking if I don’t have to I much prefer my own company in my own safe space listening to calming music or reading a book.

Having unhealthy Toxic Friendships 

If you can’t agree with your friends and you always argue with them, maybe your just too different I always think it is important to share your opinion but people should understand that you are not always going to be right and move on. 
You need friends that bring you up! not put you down. If they comment on every move you make and point out your faults and insecurities It makes them come across as very jealous behavior. people need to make the effort with you as well its not just up to you all the time to keep the relationship going strong treat people the same way they treat you. 

Rude Racist and judgmental people  

You shouldn’t have to listen to uneducated narrow-minded people if you don’t want to! I would even go ahead and stand up for everyone in the world who can’t defend themselves because they don’t have the privilege like most of us do!. 
But arguing with someone who blames others simply because they can is like talking to a brick wall they won’t listen they don’t care they just want to insult and point the blame on someone who is different. 

Being a loner 

Not Liking people is fine it’s normal to hate its easy to do you might like to spend your time learning a new hobby reading an interesting book or creating amazing art. Your probably a very intelligent person who know more important things and enjoys weirdness. 

Suicide in the UK 

The suicide rate of 11.2 deaths per 100,000 population recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2018 is an increase in the 10.1 per 100,000 population recorded in 2017, which was the lowest since the organization began recording data on suicide in the United Kingdom in 1981.

Suicides in the UK Facts 

  • In 2019, there were 5,691 suicides registered in England and Wales, an age-standardized rate of 11.0 deaths per 100,000 population, and consistent with the rate in 2018.
  • Around three-quarters of registered deaths in 2019 were among men (4,303 deaths), which follows a consistent trend back to the mid-1990s.
  • The England and Wales male suicide rate of 16.9 deaths per 100,000 is the highest since 2000 and remains in line with the rate in 2018; for females, the rate was 5.3 deaths per 100,000, consistent with 2018 and the highest since 2004.
  • Males aged 45 to 49 years had the highest age-specific suicide rate (25.5 deaths per 100,000 males); for females, the age group with the highest rate was 50 to 54 years at 7.4 deaths per 100,000.
  • Despite having a low number of deaths overall, rates among the under 25s have generally increased in recent years, particularly 10- to 24-year-old females where the rate has increased significantly since 2012 to its highest level with 3.1 deaths per 100,000 females in 2019.
  • As seen in previous years, the most common method of suicide in England and Wales was hanging, accounting for 61.7% of all suicides among males and 46.7% of all suicides among females.




My Sleep Apnea Skincare Routine

For people with sleeping issuse like sleep apnea you might find it difficult to have a effective skincare routine because you sleep through the day. I have sleep apnea my self and struggle with hormornal dehydrated skin.

I can go to sleep at 11pm and not wake up till 2pm the next day so adding sunscreen to my routine doesn’t feel worth the effort. although… the evidence shows you should definitely add sunscreen to your face after moisturizer no matter what, you shouldn’t skip!.

You loose the most amount of water from your skin when you are sleeping (eperdermal water loss) so over sleeping can cause dry/dehydrated skin.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to sleep its suggested to have 8 glasses of water per day. also to cut down of caffine and refined sugar switch to alternatives like matcha or chai tea.

wake yourself up with a cool shower as soon as you wake up then moisturise get dressed brush you teeth est

I keep my routine as basic as possible Ive tried adding vitamin C and retinol but they seem to make my skin dry and irrated.


I suggest either cerave hydrating cleanser or the la roche posey milky cleanser.


First aid beauty oat soothing toner


Neautrogena hydro gel moisturizer


Gurru 50 + Spf … only suncreen I own

Night time skincare routine

Double cleanse

I use squarline cleanser by the ordinary or ultra balm by lush

second cleanser

I use CeaVe Hydrating Cleanser

toner chemical Exfoliator

like the ordinary or Pixi glow tonic

Serum for my dehydrated skin

Hylaranic acid or Aloe vera


I go for vasaline or CeraVe Cream Moisturizer and add a Honey face mask

hypothyroidism and cyst on ovarys


So Since November, I’ve been extremely fatigued and bloated I’ve gained over three and a half stone within 2 months. I started to worry when my period was 2 weeks late I got 1 day of spotting and then I lost my voice and couldn’t speak due to pain. My voice has returned but my […]

My Diagnosis I’m waiting on…