12 stone 6 !!!! Weight loss Journey


Special k with semi skimmed milk

Lemon and thi soup

Sweat and sour chicken and egg fried rice

Iced lolly

Coffee with skimmed milk

4 pounds down ! pcos weight loss Journey! 1500 – 1800 calorie day


BREAKFAST 🥞 – 2 gluten free bread with half an avocado and a coffee with skimmed milk.

LUNCHTIME – 2 scrabbled eggs with seasoning, with mushrooms.

DINNER 🍽️ – gluten free tacos with prawns. Added lettace and tomato.


Bowl of strawberries.

Low calorie Iced lolly ( icepop )

Gluten free cheesey corn chips low calorie

Coffee with skimmed milk

Low calorie flapjack